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Welcome to JaG Innovations, on this web site you will not see an all bells and whistles website, we aim to keep our website to a minimum, provide what we feel is the exact amount of information you require as a client, hopefully you are informed of just who we are, how we operate and how we aim to put you the customer first whilst keeping our costs to a minimum by not occurring large business overheads like our larger competitors.

What sets us apart from other businesses or our competition?  in a nutshell, dedication, respect and transparency, we are true believers in communicating with our customers at every level, and the amount of communication is agreed at the start of every project, depending on the size of your project we endeavour to provide a level of communication to suit, whether it’s on a daily, weekly or other agreed intervals.

We try at all times to focus on our current project, your project, we try to keep to one project at a time ensuring we are engaging and productive to ensure we meet agreed milestones.