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Building Improvements

Examples of external building improvements we can estimate but are not limited to, include major repairs, renovations, or additions such as an extension, loft conversions annexes or additional building such as garages.

At JaG Innovations we look at your project from the ground up. We find that with the internet generation it is all too easy to use digital media instead of actually visiting your property, as an example if you may have had drawings submitted to you from an architect or structural calcs, however you need to ensure that whatever you choose as a building improvement that the structure is able to support your requirements, Sometimes this may not always be possible due to hidden elements and may add unforeseen costs, we will always advise our customers as part of our transparency if this may be the case and therefore we use our best endeavours to ensure we look at the following list in as much detail as possible.

  • Substructure.
  • Superstructure.
  • Foundation.
  • Roof.
  • Shell and core.
  • Structural frame.
  • Floor.
  • Wall: loadbearing walls, compartment walls, external walls, retaining walls.

JaG Innovations will provide references and are more than willing to introduce you to previous customers so you can feel comfortable and secure in the work we do, we ensure that every project we undertake is totally transparent, we are customer focused and can provide you with a project plan so you can have visibility of how your project will progress.

As a home run business we can also keep our prices very competitive, not having the same overheads as our competitors,  with JaG Innovations what you see is what you get, we are direct,  you tell us what your requirements are and we will fully engage and deliver your requirements,  with regular updates from start to finish.